the weird location that inspires us!

Hey there! Welcome to our blog! We're excited to share more about Artery Ink, but more importantly about YOU! One of our all-time-favorite things about owning a business is connecting with people like you! That's why we want to make this blog a great resource. We plan to share stories, inspiration, resources, and more! We hope this becomes a place where you can come to feel refreshed, inspired and not so alone.  

We want to start with one of the weirdest things about us, and that is that most of our inspiration comes from taking a walk in the nearby cemetery! The entire business idea for Artery Ink came to us in this cemetery! If you think about your favorite Artery Ink design, campaign, or release - it was probably thought up in the cemetery. 

We sometimes think it's all of the wisdom around us. Plus combine that with the fresh air of being outside - that's a winning combination!

Are there any weird places that bring you inspiration like this? We'd love to know!

- Mara & Gloria


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