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First Post - Welcome to our Blog!

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Hi there! This is our first blog post!! Thank you for visiting and reading. 

If you don’t know us our names are Gloria and Mara (I’m the one typing and generally in charge of the blog/website). We are both artists and owners of Artery Ink.

We have been in business for a little over 4 years and wow time sure does fly! We began our business because we wanted to share what we had learned about health, wellness, and the human body. After meeting with our naturopathic doctor, Dr. Sarah Axtell, we really started to make changes in our lives and understand a lot more about how our bodies were working. After really diving head first into some dietary changes and lifestyle changes after a month we couldn’t believe how we felt. It was like someone had taken the fuzzy goggles off and we could finally see clearly. We were so inspired by how we felt we knew that we had to share what we had learned through our artwork. This is how Artery Ink was born. 

This blog isn’t the place to tell our origin story (read our bio for that), this blog isn’t to tell you about our products and encourage you to buy them (although this will obviously come up from time to time), this blog also is not about telling you what or what not to do or what or what not to eat. What this blog IS, is a place where we can share what we are learning. As we have come to realize life is all about the journey of learning. This will be a place where we can share what we are reading, cooking, eating, listening to, inspired by, or trying to understand. Health and wellness comes from not only eating well but plenty of other avenues too!

We aren’t just drawing body parts or veggies for the fun of it, we are drawing them because we want to share what we have learned about them. As we learn new things, we incorporate those things into new art. For example, I made a plantain card recently because we experimented with the “autoimmune protocol” diet and we basically ate plantain chips every day! Because plantains became such a part of our life we knew we had to incorporate them into Artery Ink. 

We are definitely not perfect and have a lot of work to do on ourselves and our business but as long as we are moving forward and not staying stagnant then we are successful. We are on the brink of diving into meditation - it’s one of those things that we’ve wanted to do for a long time but just haven’t made the time to do it. Because we own our own business we get into the habit of working too much and not setting a stricter time schedule (we are working on it!). It’s funny how when you decide to do something it takes a certain amount of time to actually prepare to do it. With meditating it’s taken a few months of “preparation” (also could be called avoidance!). I feel like we are close because the “universe”, “god” or whatever you call it is sending pretty clear signs - all within the last two-three weeks, my great aunt gifted me a book about meditation, my mom sent me an email titled: “Sharing... I sometimes struggle with meditation..her’s another perspective that makes a lot of sense”. Scrolling through Instagram I get an ad for a guided mindfulness meditation app and then a friend randomly invites us to a group meditation, twice. (We didn’t end up going because we got the dates mixed up and we weren’t in town for the other - but still)… okay okay, I know I have to start because “someone/something” is sure trying to make it easy for me! 

I am learning to not get angry or upset at myself because I haven’t started yet, but to be grateful that I am learning all about it and putting time into figuring out when it will fit best into my schedule and now it’s almost time to just take action! 

We love taking action, we love it so much that we included a “take action” section on each page of our coloring book. I will leave you with this excerpt from the “Sacred Planet” Newsletter - (website:

“Take action. This one is really important. The universe is constantly conspiring to send us huge amounts of abundance, but our blocks and low expectations can get in the way. When we take action, we counteract those low expectations, by creating an open pathway for the universe to send us what we’ve been dreaming of. It’s a two-part deal: (1) The universe creates opportunities, and then (2) We need to take action on those opportunities in order to receive the abundance that is meant for us. When you are consistently taking decisive & inspired action, you can expect miracles to begin arriving at your front doorstep.”

Thank you for reading, and we’ll be back again soon! 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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