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There are so many things out there that are confusing, and let me tell you food and exercise is on the TOP of the list. There are so many diets, and workout routines, and so many people telling you that being a vegan is the best and that eating grass fed beef is the best, and weight lifting is the best, and cardio is the best, and CrossFit is the best but how can all of these things be the best!!???

 Oh-my-gosh, it’s so confusing. We have tried a lot of things, all different sorts of diets, lots of various exercise plans and we have realized that it's not really about which one is best, but it is about which one is best for YOU!

Well, we are all so different; of course all of our diets and exercise plans are different! Yeah, there are some things that remain true no matter what: like, we could ALL eat more vegetables, it's a good thing for ALL of us to change our exercise routine around every now and then, and it's good for ALL of us to drink a lot of water… but besides that it can vary drastically. 

Having said all of that, what I will explain below is just OUR view of it, and our personal story. That doesn't mean that it's right for you - it's just our thoughts! 

We have made exercise a pretty permanent part of our routine for about 5 years now, but only in the past year or so have we really pumped it up a few notches. We do a mix of weight training and cardio because like everyone always says it's good to mix it up. Not doing the same thing every day keeps your body on it's toes and helps keep you moving in the right direction, as opposed to sitting at a plateau. Although we do workout often we cannot express how big of a role diet has made in our lives. There were times where we barely worked out but saw the most dramatic weight loss. We feel like exercise makes you strong, while diet causes weight loss/gain. We always say being "healthy" isn't about being skinny or losing weight, it's all about how you feel, specifically for your OWN body type. Everyone has a different body type, and like I said above everyone is SO DIFFERENT! 

We basically stay away from gluten, dairy, sugar, corn and soy. What we have learned form our naturopathic doctor is that those food items are inflammatory, and we do not want our bodies to be in a state of inflammation. Inflammation leads to basically any disease you could think of. It may sound hard but it is TOTALLY worth it! Nowadays with the Internet being right there in the palm of your hand there are no excuses for not knowing how to cook healthy – we literally have it SO EASY - It literally doesn’t matter what you cook, just COOK IT YOURSELF. Seriously, human beings have been cooking for… forever… and we as a society don’t do it anymore and maybe we would all be less stressed out if we cooked more often. Give it a try.

Take out a frying pan.

Heat it up.

Put a dollop of coconut oil in there.

Let it melt.

Add chopped onion or garlic (or both! Or skip both and go the next step)

Cook it until you start to smell it.

Add chopped Brussels sprouts (or asparagus or green beans or broccoli or carrots or literally ANY other veggie)

Let it cook. Stir it around every now and then.

Add salt & pepper (or any other herbs/spices)

Taste it.

Does it taste ALMOST cooked? If not keep cooking it, if yes add KALE! (Or spinach, or collard greens, or Swiss chard… you get the point).

Stir it.

Cook it a little bit more.

Taste it!!

Does it taste done? Does it need more seasoning? (if so add it!)

When it’s done put it on a plate along with some protein (chicken, meatballs, fish, an egg, if you like beans use those, etc).

Chop up some avocado and put it on top! (It goes great with ANYTHING).

Take your time and enjoy it!

It’s that easy, maybe takes 15 minutes! Especially if you prepare a good amount of whatever protein you are eating ahead of time. Then all you have to do is cook your veggies. Obviously there is roasting, and grilling, and steaming and probably a million other ways to cook but like I said at the beginning sometimes there are TO MANY OPTIONS. Starting out with one and getting good at it is better than not starting at all.

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