"Pre-order "means that the shirt or item you are ordering is NOT IN STOCK at the moment. Please reference the specific dates within each item to get an idea of when your purchase will be shipped or ready to be picked up.
Pre-orders usually ship within 2-3 weeks after the order has CLOSED. The start and end dates of each item will be listed in the item details.
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See the timeline below:
-Aurora St. Luke's CICU: April 18th - April 20th
-Aurora St. Luke's Cardiothoracic Surgery Shirts & Jackets: April 23rd - April 26th
-Aurora St. Luke's Abdominal Transplant: April 23rd - April 26th
-Aurora St. Luke's Emergency Department: April 26th - April 30th
-Froedtert Neurophysiology Department: April 30th - May 3rd
-7 South Cardiac Telemetry: May 10th - May 15th
-Aurora St. Luke's 1L Neuro ICU: May 23rd - May 28th
-Aurora St. Luke's 2L Neuro ICU: May 15th - May 17th
-Aurora St. Luke's Radiology Department: May 23rd - May 28th
-Aurora St. Luke's Abdominal Transplant (8 Center): May 29th - June 3rd
-Walk to Cure Arthritis Tees: May 3rd - May 7th
**Timelines might vary depending on shirt inventory and scheduling issues.