Art of Appreciation Tour

We're so excited to announce we are "taking to the road" this year in what we're calling "The Art of Appreciation Tour." We are so appreciative of all the support the healthcare world has shown us in the past couple of years (through pandemic and all) and we want to give back to those who are often forced to set aside their own mental health to deal with the pressing issue of others' physical health that lay in front of them. Healthcare Providers - we want you to know you are so appreciated. Thank you for all that you do. 🫂

This year, our team will travel to a couple of states, bringing a special tour design shirt and stickers to give away to supporters along the way! We'll add to the list as we go, but for now, the following stops are finalized!


Las Vegas, NV | March 4th

Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center


Phoenix, AZ | March 18th


Wauwatosa, WI | April 3

Children's Wisconsin


Milwaukee, WI | May 12th

Hide House


Miami, FL | June 20th - 24th


Chicago, IL | October 11th - 14th