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Inside Your Insides - A 2018 Calendar

Inside Your Insides - A 2018 Calendar

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Insides Your Insides, our 2018 calendar, takes you on a month by month journey into the amazing human body! Included are twelve brand new drawings each accompanied by a fact and a bonus tip! 

-Size: 11x17 (single page style)
-Spiral Bound
-Comes with special hook for easy hanging!

-Comes with protective sleeve
-Includes twelve months (year: 2018)
-Can be colored!

Back Cover:
We take about 8.3 million breaths a year, 23,000 a day. Our heart beats 100,000 times a day, which is nearly 37 million heart beats in a year. Every sight, sound, taste, movement, thought, memory and emotion you've ever felt was produced by the electochemical circuits within your brain. Every birthday you've celebrated, every breakfast you've eaten, every class you've taken, every trip you've enjoyed, and every night you've dreamt has all been because of the amazing body you live in. The actions you take and what you think about every day of the year are what you become - so choose your thoughts and actions wisely and take some chances; you just might enjoy your life a bit more if you step outside of your comfort zone! The better we take care of our bodies, the more we can get out of the life and the more happy years we can live! We hope you love this calendar and not only use it to help keep track of the dates and your appointments, but as a constant reminder that the body you live in works hard and allows you to do ALL the things you love! A little extra love and care for your body can go a very long way!

Each drawing in this calendar takes you on a little journey deep inside the organs, muscles and bones that make up your body. Your body is a work of art and the deeper you go into it, the more wonders you find. Each organ is made up of tons of little systmes that make YOU who you are! 

List of included drawings:
Januray - Eyeball (cones & rods)
February - Heart (cardiac muscles)
March - Kidney (renal pyramid)
April - Brain (neurons)
May - Intestines (villi)
June - Liver (lobule)
July - Tongue, Teeth, Mouth (taste buds)
August - Pancreas (pacreatic islets)
September - Back Muscles (skeletal muscle)
October - Bones (spongy bone)
November - Lungs (alveoli)
December - Stomach (rugae)

All of the information in this calendar has been thoroughly researched and reviewed. However, we are not doctors and if you have a serious medical issues, we highly recommend you seek professional help. Everyone is different and what’s right for one person doesn’t mean it’s right for you, or someone else. This calendar is not meant to diagnose you or treat you; it is meant to inspire and encourage you to love your body a little more each day, and to give you some tips and ideas on how to make living in it easier and happier.

Every drawing was developed using reference material, but artistic liberties were taking when creating this calendar - this is not an anatomy study guide.

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