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Hi there! My name is Mara. Myself, and my partner Gloria are the artists, founders and owners behind Artery Ink. Did you know that we hand-draw every single design you see here on our site!? Some of our detailed designs take over 80 hours to create. They are all done collaboratively - we each have our own part to each piece!

We've both loved art since we were kids, but it was our fascination with the human body and our own health struggles that lead us to start Artery Ink.

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the Community Collection

This is a collection of products sold for the purpose of helping others, strengthening community, and starting conversations!

Together in 2022, we've supported over 20 unique non-profit organizations with over $36,000 in donations. Your purchases have helped us support causes locally, right here in Wisconsin, and internationally. Some of the amazing organizations include but are not limited to Street Angels MilwaukeeDiverse and Resilient, and Planned Parenthood. Thank you for helping us uplift our communities. With our art we hope for a bright future where everyone lives their happiest, healthiest life. 

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Custom Apparel

Looking to boost team spirit and feel empowered? Look no further, we are experts in custom apparel for healthcare professionals just like you! Through our unique anatomical hand-drawn designs we can bring your vision to life!

With over 100 specialized designs to choose from we can help your team stand out, build community, improve confidence, start conversations, and feel great!

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