Our story

ART + WELLNESS - Building COMMUNITY and INSPIRING YOU to learn more about the body you live in!

Our names are Mara & Gloria and together we are the creators and artists behind Artery Ink! Through our artwork we want to encourage you to eat healthier, take better care of your body, learn more about it and ultimately become happier. We came up with the concept for Artery Ink when we decided to eat healthier ourselves and learn more about how our bodies work. In changing what we ate and appreciating and understanding our bodies more, everything else in our lives changed too. It was so inspiring we thought, "how can we share this with the world!?"

All of our artwork is unique and done collaboratively. It's a mix of traditional pen drawings and digital design. We hope you enjoy it, learn from it, and share it with your family and friends!


*Our gorgeous headshots were taken by Lindsay Stayton Photography! 


Hi, I’m Gloria and I am one of the co-owners/creators/artists of Artery Ink. I started drawing at a young age and was always focused on details and patterns. I was very interested in science and the human body. I grew up in Mexico City and worked many different jobs while I was there. I then moved to Milwaukee with my family when I was 19. I worked for 17 years in the service industry and there I found my love for customer service. At Artery Ink my main focus is drawing, design, production. My tools are always a black pilot pen and blank paper, as everything I do is hand-drawn.


Hello, I’m Mara - I am one of the co-owners/creators/artists of Artery Ink. I have always loved art as it ran in my family. At a young age I was fascinated with drawing horses, doodling and science. I grew up in Chicago but moved to Milwaukee to attend the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and graduated with an Illustration degree in 2009. Ironically my first job right out of school was to draw a liver for a local scientific magazine. I have many jobs at Artery Ink but my main focus is graphic design, illustration, sales and marketing. My favorite tools are my iPad and Apple Pencil #notanadd


Hello, I’m Emily and I’ve been friends with Gloria and Mara since 2010. I’ve always loved art and creating things with my hands. I grew up in Milwaukee and was a social worker for many years, where I learned the importance of human connection and giving back. I began working for Artery Ink in 2019 as the official Studio Assistant. My job includes packing your orders, answering your questions via email, preparing custom orders and brainstorming the next big idea


Hi, I'm Meg! I'm pretty sure I was hired because I'm "tall" and can reach things on the top shelf. I grew up in Muskego and love to hike, I love to to go antiquing and sometimes paint, but don't ask me about the paintings. I was hired in 2021 and my job at Artery Ink is to fulfill all of the online orders, reply to emails, and run the secret employee Facebook group. I love to be a part of the creative process when it comes to brainstorming ideas and helping to decide on new products!

general questions - please email info@arteryink.com

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