Our story


Hey there! Were Gloria and Mara, the artists, founders, and owners of Artery Ink.

Thank you so much for your support. What began as a spark of an idea back in 2014 has blossomed into a global brand. It started in a tiny 10x10 spare bedroom and now operates out of a 4,800 square-foot studio + warehouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! 

Our journey to Artery Ink was fueled by a deep personal transformation. Facing health challenges and loss in our lives, we embarked on a journey of discovery that led us to appreciate our amazing bodies and the importance of wellness. This newfound understanding became our passion, igniting our purpose to fuse art with health, wellness and anatomy. With Mara's background in graphic design and Gloria's expertise in illustration, Artery Ink was born.

Starting with greeting cards, prints, and t-shirts, we slowly expanded our offerings to include stickers, coloring books, custom apparel and more. As our business grew, so did our connections, particularly with healthcare professionals. Designing custom apparel for this community became a cherished part of our work.

In 2020, amid the global pandemic, we found a way to give back. Moved by seeing what our healthcare workers were going through, we created special designs and raised over $12,000 for a local "feed the frontline" campaign. This experience sparked a commitment to giving back, leading us to establish the Community Collection. Through this initiative, we support causes close to our hearts, contributing over $65,000 to date.

We're not just sharing our story - we're eager to hear yours too! Thank you for your incredible support and love.

With love,
Gloria & Mara

*the picture above was taken by Chelsea Matson Photography


Hi, I’m Gloria and I am one of the co-owners/creators/artists of Artery Ink. I started drawing at a young age and was always focused on details and patterns. I was very interested in science and the human body. I grew up in Mexico City and worked many different jobs while I was there. I then moved to Milwaukee with my family when I was 19. I worked for 17 years in the service industry and there I found my love for customer service. At Artery Ink my main focus is drawing, design, production. My tools are always a black pilot pen and blank paper, as everything I do is hand-drawn.

In my spare time I love to hike, travel, spend time with family, work with clay or my 3D pen, cook, and see Katy Perry!


Hello, I’m Mara - I am one of the co-owners/creators/artists of Artery Ink. I have always loved art as it ran in my family. At a young age I was fascinated with drawing horses, doodling and science (The Magic School Bus was my fave show!! Remember when they went inside the body! So cool).

I grew up in Chicago but moved to Milwaukee to attend the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and graduated with an Illustration degree in 2009. Ironically my first job right out of school was to draw a liver for a local scientific magazine (foreshadowing anyone!?). I have many jobs at Artery Ink but my main focus is graphic design, illustration, sales and marketing. My favorite tools are my iPad and Apple Pencil #notanadd

In my spare time I love to read, write, travel, hike, ride my bike, and anything to do with Katy Perry! Biggest Milwaukee KatyCat right here!


Hello, I’m Emily and I’ve been best friends with Gloria and Mara since 2010. I’ve always loved art and creating things with my hands. I grew up in Milwaukee and was a social worker for many years, where I learned the importance of human connection and giving back. I "officially" began working for Artery Ink in 2019. (Although... I did help package shirts back in 2014 when it all began). I have done pretty much every job role here at Artery - starting with order fulfillment and now... I am the customer service manager and official email liaison. I have an extra special focus on custom apparel, community collection products, and custom design! If you've set up a custom order with us, you have talked to me! If you want to see how cute my kiddo is, just be sure to follow Artery Ink on social media!


Hi, I'm Meg! I'm pretty sure I was hired because I'm "tall" and can reach things on the top shelf. I grew up in Muskego and love to hike, I love to to go antiquing and sometimes paint, but don't ask me about the paintings (I won't show you!) I was hired in 2021. I started out as order fulfillment but I am now on the customer service team. I specialize in helping you with your orders (do you need to exchange something? Are you wondering where you package went?) I can probably answer these questions! I am also the manager of our quarterly subscription box "get pumped!" and I run the secret employee Facebook group. If Artery throws a party, I'm also the planner of that said party! You can count on my for cute decor and a theme! I love to be a part of the creative process when it comes to brainstorming ideas and helping to decide on new products!


Hey, my name is Shawn aka friendo. I met Mara and Gloria a dozen or so years ago in the restaurant industry and stayed in touch ever since. During the pandemic I was a stay at home dad that would make occasional appearances at Artery to bring lunch and eventually help with folding shirts. This quickly turned into a full time position in the warehouse department processing and shipping pre-order (custom) apparel items.

I love spending time with my wife and kids, cooking, and going on bike rides. Once day I hope to come in third place on Jeopardy.


Hi, I'm Jamie! I started working at Artery Ink in 2022 as the official marketing manager. Prior to that I started my own small business called The Wild Ones. I create and sell organic clothing geared towards kids! I apparently don't like free time because I still run my small business, work at Artery, have two kids, plus a dog and a bunch of chickens and ducks! I dream to own a small farm one day, and maybe get a goat. I love supporting small businesses, spending time with my family, hiking, and antiquing.

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