A "PRE-ORDER" is an item that is NOT IN STOCK at the time of purchase. Each pre-order below has a specific starting and ending date - which means once it's gone you won't be able to order. You'll see the "Estimated Ship Dates" on each listing's photo and in the discription. Your item will not be printed until the pre-order has ended.

Most pre-orders are set up by a group - like a unit from a hospital or for a special event. Some are just for fun and created by us based on your requests! We listen to everything you ask for - we promise.

All the pre-orders listed below are open to the public - so if you see something you like be sure to place your order!

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*Please note that due to COVID-19 many apparel colors go out of stock without any notice. In order to get your shirt on-time, without holding up the entire group order for 1-2 weeks, we will choose the closest alternate color for your shirt in the same style. Thank you for your understanding during this time.

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