Do you sell your unique Artery Ink items wholesale?

Definitely! See our “About Us: Where To Shop” on our website - for a current list of shops who carry our products.

We are always looking to sell our products in new shops across the globe. Reach out to us at orders@arteryink.com to lets know more about your store and to explore wholesale options with us. 

Where is my order? 

Wondering where your recent order is in the process of fulfillment? We can help!

We do our best to fulfill general inventory orders (i.e. non-pre order items) in 1-3 business days. We are not in our studio on weekends, but will diligently work to fulfill any weekend orders upon our return. Please note: federal holidays or national crisis may impact fulfillment & delivery times.

We ship all products from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You will receive an email with tracking information from our website directly to your inbox.  Your items will be shipped via your selected shipment option (delivery times vary).

If you’ve ordered a pre-order item, see “What is a pre-order” and/or “What is a group code” below.

Any additional questions regarding orders can be sent to orders@arteryink.com 

Can I buy a bulk/custom order for my team?

Of course - what a great way to build team spirit! We call bulk orders pre-orders. Start your team's order by filling out our custom apparel survey here: https://forms.gle/NJLYXCZVkCQhx6eDA 

Can my team’s order also be a fundraiser?

Absolutely, it’s such an awesome way to raise money and awareness! Start your team's order by filling out our custom apparel survey here: https://forms.gle/NJLYXCZVkCQhx6eDA 

What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is an order for a custom item that we do not have in stock. A pre-order has a start and end date, typically running for two weeks. At the closing of the pre-order the custom items will be sent to our screen printers. We estimate it will take 2-3 weeks for completion and delivery AFTER your items have been sent to our screen printers. All pre-order listings have the ordering time frame AND the estimated delivery time frame in it’s details.

What is a group code? 

A group code is most commonly used when we set up a group pre-order. This code helps us identify your team’s orders to ensure proper delivery.  All orders using your code will be shipped/delivered in one box to our team contact, but packaged individually. Group deliveries are arranged with your team’s main contact. If no code is entered your order will be shipped to the address you provided (and will not be included with the group).

Enter all codes during the checkout process before you enter your credit card information.

I forgot to use my group code but already completed my order, what should I do?

Email us at orders@arteryink.com with your order number and the code you meant to add.

I missed the deadline for my team’s pre-order, can I still order apparel?

Because this is a pre-order we only order what we need to fulfill orders collected during the pre-order dates, which were included on your group poster. Please contact us at custom@arteryink.com to explore whether ordering after the deadline is an option, there is NO guarantee that we can make it happen. 

We are always happy to reopen your team's pre-order for a new round of ordering. You would have to meet the minimum order requirement of 20 apparel items. Please email us at custom@arteryink.com to reopen your listing.

Oops, I ordered the wrong size or color - what do I do?

You can email orders@arteryink.com with your preferred size or color. As long as you are able to catch this mistake before the order has shipped (or if it is a pre-order, before the pre-order listing has closed) - we will be sure to order your desired apparel. If you catch this mistake after you’ve received shipment information please see our "Returns and Refund Policy” section for more information or email orders@arteryink.com 

What if I need to return my items? 

See our "Returns and Refund Policy” section. For additional questions regarding returns please email orders@arteryink.com  



Any other questions can be sent to us orders@arteryink.com