Connected Neurons - Miss You (#7104)
Connected Neurons - Miss You (#7104)

Connected Neurons - Miss You (#7104)

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Miss you - let's stay CONNECTED

FACT: Neurons are specialized communication cells of nerves, spinal cord and brain. They transmit sensory and motor information to and from the brain. The branches of the neurons which stick out are called "dendrites" and "axons". They communicate with other neurons, sending and receiving signals. The messages that they send are in the from of electrical impulses & chemicals called neurotransmitters.

When you take good care of your brain and body, you are taking good care of your neurons! Keep learning different and interesting things, stay social, and search for new activities or challenge yourself a little every day. you'll be happier and so will your neurons

  • Blank Inside
  • Card size: 5x7
  • Color of envelope will vary!

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