Metallic Ear Canal (Inner Ear) - 8x10 or 11x14

Metallic Ear Canal (Inner Ear) - 8x10 or 11x14

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The human ear is very complex, and not only allows us to hear but to also walk and stay balanced. The smallest bone in the human body is located inside your ear and it’s called the stapes, or stirrup bone. The smallest muscle is located in the ear as well; it's called the stapedius muscle and it attaches to the stirrup bone. The tiny organ called the cochlea looks somewhat like a snail and is
responsible for turning sound waves into electrical impulses that are then sent to the brain.
  • Available as an 8x10 print
  • Printed on Epson Luster Photo Paper with Genuine Epson Ink
  • Comes with a protective sleeve and a backing board

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