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Single Tooth - 8x10

Single Tooth - 8x10

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Your teeth are somewhat like a fingerprint, they are totally unique to you! Most adults have 32 teeth which can be separated into four types. Incisors (at the front), canines (the pointy ones for tearing), the premolars and the molars (for grinding your food). The enamel on the outside of your tooth is actually the hardest part of your body. Underneath the enamel there is dentine which isn’t as hard, then comes the pulp. The pulp is a soft tissue which contains the blood vessels and nerves. Brushing and flossing might seem tedious but they are crucial to your health! A lot of what goes on inside your body can be detected in your mouth. Digestion begins in your mouth as we produce enzymes to break down food.

  • Available as an 8x10 print
  • Printed on Epson Luster Photo Paper with Genuine Epson Ink
  • Comes with a protective sleeve and a backing board
  • Black border is NOT printed on the final image.
  • Copyright Symbol will NOT appear on final print.

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